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success pathways for business women looking to boost confidence, connections and sales



A hypnosis package that transforms your business experience by strategically reducing sales-related anxiety, enhancing your effectiveness in lead generation. Guided sessions build confidence in client services, empowering you to navigate transactions with newfound assurance. The program also promotes motivation, focus, and stress relief tailored to the demands of women business owners responsibilities, fostering a harmonious work-life balance.

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 A tailored hypnosis package addressing the unique challenges and aspirations of women in business.


Anxiety Reduction in Sales Generation:

  • This hypnosis package is crafted to specifically alleviate anxiety related to sales, recognizing and addressing challenges that women may face in a competitive market.

  • By incorporating a feminine approach, the program empowers you to embrace your unique strengths in building authentic connections with clients, fostering trust and loyalty.

Confidence Building in Client Services:

  • Through a guided hypnosis session, you'll cultivate confidence tailored to the nuances of serving clients as a woman business owner.

  • The program acknowledges the importance of empathy and communication in client relationships, helping you navigate transactions with a nuanced understanding of your clients' needs.

Transformation of Helplessness into Controlled Confidence:

  • The hypnosis package aids in transforming feelings of helplessness into a sense of controlled and calm confidence, recognizing the potential challenges women might encounter.

  • By integrating a female perspective, you'll develop resilience and strategic thinking to overcome obstacles, ensuring that your unique insights are valued in every professional circumstance.

Motivation and Focus for Consistency:

  • Stay motivated and focused on your goals, taking into account the unique challenges that women in the business world may encounter.

  • The hypnosis techniques provide tailored support to maintain consistency, allowing you to navigate the industry's demands with a feminine touch, emphasizing collaboration and relationship building.

Empowerment in Recognizing Vulnerability with Strength:

  • The hypnosis session empowers you to understand and recognize potential vulnerabilities unique to women in certain client situations.

  • By acknowledging vulnerability as a strength, you'll turn challenges into opportunities, leveraging your authenticity and intuition to excel in negotiations and client interactions.


Stress Relief from Unseen Demands:

  • Relieve stress associated with the demands of being a female entrepreneur, recognizing the additional responsibilities and expectations that women often juggle.

  • The hypnosis techniques offer a sanctuary for mental well-being, acknowledging and addressing the unique stressors that women may face in balancing professional and personal responsibilities.


Achieving Work-Life Balance:

  • Regain a sense of balance between work and personal life, considering the specific aspirations and challenges that business women may have to navigate.

  • The hypnosis program encourages a holistic approach, supporting you in achieving professional success while maintaining a fulfilling and balanced life that aligns with your unique aspirations.

Duration: 6 weeks

Investment: $625 + HST ($706.25)


· An assessment and foundational session over zoom to drill down on your core challenge.

· The creation of a customized Hypnosis process that specifically addresses your primary issue, block, and concern.

· An in-depth zoom or in person session to take you through the Hypnosis process to release your block and create the mindset you need to thrive (2-hour session).

· An email follow up with subliminal recordings for you to use over the next 30 days to enhance your results, and

· A zoom check-in 7 days after your Hypnosis session to track your progress and answer questions.

· FREE complimentary or bonus zoom session 30 days after Hypnosis session.

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Elevate your career with the KEY TO SUCCESS package, where you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of numbers, identify your niche, master motivation and mindset, develop personalized client engagement strategies, harness effective marketing and social media techniques, and receive ongoing support for continued growth.


Welcome to the Key to Success package - a transformative 6-week program designed to propel your career to new heights. Over the course of six weeks, we focus on practical strategies, actionable steps, and a mindset shift that will set you apart in the competitive business world.

In the SUCCESS FOR YOU Package, we delve into the critical aspect of tips for a successful business. Now, in the KEY TO SUCCESS Package, we shift gears and concentrate on taking decisive action.


Week 1 – Know Your Numbers:

Gain control over your career journey by understanding the power of numbers. Learn how to set achievable goals, break them down, and create a daily action plan. Discover the art of effective tracking and measuring to ensure success.

Week 2 – Clarify Your Vision:

Define what you truly want in your career. Identify your niche, address their needs, and distinguish yourself from the competition. Uncover the psychology behind successful marketing and the importance of consistency in building trust.

Week 3 – Stay Motivated and Mindset Mastery:

Being a woman in business can be challenging, and maintaining motivation is key. Explore the "why" behind your work, cultivate positive habits, and develop a mindset that breeds success.

Week 4 – It’s the Little Things:

Explore the impact of personal touches in real business. Develop systems for client communication, learn the art of being a consultant, and identify and nurture your VIP clients.

Week 5 – Marketing Strategies and Social Media Mastery:

Understand the principles of know, like, trust in marketing. Define your unique selling proposition and leverage social media effectively. Tailor your approach to different platforms to reach your target audience.

Week 6 – Putting It All Together:

This week is about integration. We revisit the key lessons from the course, offer more tips, and open the floor for Q&A to ensure complete clarity.

Duration: 6 weeks

Time Commitment: 6 hours per week

Investment: $695 + HST ($785.35)


  1. Comprehensive Understanding of Numbers:

    • BENEFIT: Gain control over your business journey by setting clear, achievable goals.

  2. Niche Identification and Differentiation:

    • BENEFIT: Define your niche, making you stand out and attracting clients who align with your expertise and passion.

  3. Motivation and Mindset Mastery:

    • BENEFIT: Stay resilient in the face of challenges, fostering a positive mindset for sustained success.

  4. Personalized Client Engagement Strategies:

    • BENEFIT: Learn the art of personal touches, ensuring lasting client relationships and word-of-mouth referrals.

  5. Effective Marketing and Social Media Strategies:

    • BENEFIT: Develop a unique selling proposition, create impactful marketing campaigns, and master social media to expand your reach and influence.

  6. Integration and Continued Support:

    • BENEFIT: Receive ongoing support through monthly sessions, ensuring you stay at the forefront of industry trends and continuously refine your skills.

By purchasing the KEY TO SUCCESS package, you not only acquire essential skills and knowledge but also gain a strategic advantage in a competitive market. Each feature is meticulously crafted to empower you for sustained success in your career.

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